Europe's Most Beautiful Villa

Villa Castiglione is located at a strategic point on the island of Capri. At this breathtaking location, overlooking the entitre bay of Marina Piccola, the Faraglioni Rock Formation on  one side, the gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius on the other.


This spectacular property was awarded the 2013 Wall Street Journal prize as the Most Beautiful House in Europe. 

Note that the rental is solely for the entire property. We will not consider individual request for rooms 


“Staying at the Castiglione was one of my fondest memories and a little bit of paradise.

My favourite memories are early evening barbecues on the terrace overlooking the faraglioni rocks as the sun goes down. And waking up to the sounds of birds, the smell of fresh coffee and pastries, followed by a lazy day reading poolside or floating in the cool waters, with views across the island. It's a place where time is irrelevant and peacefulness and relaxation take over.

If Capri is a little bit of heaven on earth, then Castiglione is the Olympus of Capri."


~Daniela Federici. Sydney, Australia


"Perched high above the village of Capri sits Castiglione. A magical home to all who have had the privilege of visiting this ancient but modernised castle. With a history dating back to imperial Rome the house has many stories to to tell. While being luxurious with beautiful accommodation and a wonderful staff who treat all like family, one feels totally at home here.

To sit alone on the terraces or enjoying the views of Capri from the great room with friends the feeling of serenity is omnipresent.

If I could pick one place to spend the rest of my days it would be here at the magic castle called Castiglione."

~Mark Opitz. Hope Island, Australia.

"I vacationed at Villa Castaglione. There is a 360 view of the island from the roof where you can see the harbor to the other side of the island. The couple that maintains the castle are incredibly friendly and helpful and she is a great chef, better than restaurant quality. We ate breakfast and dinner at the villa with homemade pasta, salads and meat dishes and of course the great Italian wines. I loved my stay at the Villa and look forward to coming back again and recommend the Villa as a once in-a-lifetime experience."


~Malee Nerenhausen. Los Angeles, California


"Capri is the most beautiful island in the world. Villa Castiglione is the most beautiful house in Capri. By definition it is the most beautiful house in the world."


~Giacomo Di Mase, Sr. Rome, Italy

Villa Castiglione is located on the island of Capri,

the crown jewel of the Amalfi Coast in the Gulf of Naples.


Via del Castiglione 42 - 80073 Capri - ITALY

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